Privacy Policy


Bay Balboa (BB) is an Unincorporated Association operating to provide Swing Dancing classes, dances, workshops and festivals in Lancaster, and the surrounding area. To provide these services BB needs to collect and use certain types of Data. BB is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals. You have the right to object to certain uses of your personal data, including the use of your personal data for direct marketing.

Who collects the data?

Data is collected by BB volunteers and is controlled by BB. Data relating to safety may also be collected by Lancaster Lindy Circle and is jointly controlled by both organisations. Data for our mailing list is collected and controlled by both BB and Lancaster Lindy Circle.

What personal data do we collect and process?

  • Class attendees: names of people; dates they attended classes; amount paid.
  • Mailing list: names and email addresses.
  • Payment details: names of people and their bank details for the purposes of payment/refunds.
  • Event attendees: names of people; dates they attended; amount paid; whether they lead or follow.
  • List of volunteers: names of people; interests/preferences; contact details.
  • Event photographs/video: photographs and video of event attendees (people will be readily identifiable).
  • Safety: names of people involved (accuser(s), accusee(s), witness(s), contact person); date/time of the incident(s); particulars of the incident; action taken.

What do we do with these data?

We collect data so that we can:

  • Protect the safety and wellbeing of attendees at our events and track patterns of undesireable behaviour in case they are needed in future investigations.
  • So we can track engagement with our classes and events.
  • So we can inform people about upcoming events.
  • So we can receive payments and process requests for refunds.
  • So we can properly run events.
  • So we can advertise our events and provide photographs as mementos of their time at events.

Who do we share data with?

We share some data with Lancaster Lindy Circle (particularly our mailing list data and safety data). Safety information may be shared with leaders of other scenes or the police.

How do we protect your data?

We take the security of your data very seriously. Data is stored in a password-protected cloud account. Safety information is protected by multiple layers of passwords and encryption.

How long do we store the data for?

We store the data only as long as necessary.

How do I access my data?

You may request access to the data we hold by emailing Safety information may also be requested via or Some safety information may be redacted if we believe that it would but someone at risk, or if it would identify someone who wished to remain anonymous.